The landscape has changed when it comes to connecting to one another. Days of getting the latest news solely from down the pub or gossiping in the street are long gone. Technology and in particular the internet have been the bulldozers crafting the new look of the land and at the moment there’s a revolution in connecting and reconnecting with one another. In this blog I hope to write about this so called revolution both about the tools that power it and the way we behave using the tools.


It seems that society is withdrawing into little boxes called homes and we’re no longer connecting with those around us. “Community is dying” you hear people say but is it really? Is it not just metamorphosing into new forms and are the old forms actually dying out? Community also seems to be a current buzzword but why are so many people using it and is it being used properly? As someone who’s had a keen interest in this subject for nearly 5 years now I’m keen to write about it and explore it further.


Living and running a business is exciting. Because of technology It’s fast changing and yet full of oddities and quirks, some which are timeless and never changing. Being in business for 7 years now and running 2 businesses as well as my wife’s enterprise I’ve got lots of thoughts to share about plenty of subjects.

DISCLAIMER: You should know that I work for Creospace, Pixels Ink & Intelligas however I have my own identity, personality, and opinion. So please take everything written here as my own opinions and thoughts, and not representative of the named organisations. In other words: This is a personal blog.