The power of one

I’ve been thinking today how powerful a single person is.

At one end of the scale a single person can start a war and bring around peace or a single person can build a business empire and destroy it (Ratners). Then maybe at the other end of the scale a single person can choose to smile or be miserable and make or break someone’s day.

The power of one is very powerful.

In the world of retail there are many of these ‘ones’ each unleashed onto the shop floor and each super heroes with super powers and yet none realise it, well a few do. Powers that can crush anger, appease conflict, generate heat and create buzz. A simple meaningful smile can literally make someone’s day.

The power of one is very very powerful indeed.

In one breath a single person can destroy faith, trust, hope, integrity and respect and in another breath one can restore all these and gain reverence beyond all measure.

In the world of retail who really has the power? The board, middle management, management or the staff?



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  1. Fair enough bit bemused by the man in the picture calling me a loser though.

    DW x

    • I aim to bemuse :) Thanks for reading & commenting Mr DW.

  2. Good stuff Gary! Doesn’t take much to brighten up somebody’s day!

  3. The customer has the real power: if you always treat shop workers like dirt (and support the companies that do the same) and always opt for quantity over quality, you will end up with a shopping experience that is possibly functional but almost certainly intolerable.

    Treat others with respect, no matter how junior they are and how poor the service. Understand that often the workers are as much victims of poor management as the customers. Smile, empathise, offer constructive advice when it is appropriate. Never take your frustration out on those who are unable to defend themselves.

    Instead, take your custom elsewhere. However, make sure you let the senior management know that they are to blame because they are not providing the service you expect or the support their employees deserve.



    PS: Agree with Mr DW – think you should change the picture!

    • Thanks for the comment Huw. Just to clarify re my choice for the photo. It was to demonstrate how a single individual can change your mood, thoughts, day (as sue pointed out) etc. If 2 have pointed out they don’t like then maybe it was an excellent choice … or maybe not :-)

      • Oddly I hadn’t really noticed the pic until I read Mr DW’s comment – had simply registered a smiley guy waving (which seemed appropriate) – but now that DW has made me aware of what it actually portrays I am left wondering if it might not offend more people than it amuses… :-)

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