Belief – the 4th element?

In the film the 5th element we see Korben Dallas (played by Bruce Willis) chasing across space to collect 4 stones representing the 4 classic elements and then a 5th element, a women called Leeloo, which makes the other 4 ‘come alive’ in order to fire a weapon and ultimately save the planet.

Know – Like – Trust we’re told are the 3 classic elements for people to do business together and yes if you’re not doing any of those then you need to (and indeed you need to constantly be doing more stuff to make people know, like and trust you). However there’s been something that’s been bugging me about this. A missing element that makes the other 3 come alive.

Since doing a lot of networking in the past couple of years I’ve got to know a lot of people and yes ‘most’ of them I like and a lot of them I trust but and it’ s a big but, I still wouldn’t do business with them. But why?

Well, simple. I don’t believe they can deliver what they say they can. Yeah I trust them, they are trustworthy but I just don’t think they can do the job.

Belief is the 4th element. People have to believe that you can do and deliver what you say you can do / deliver.


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  1. As ever Gary, your insight is spot on.

    I think a lot of this comes from the culture that most networking groups encourage: ‘Come to our event and you’ll get business.’ Unfortunately this means that people pitch up with expectations that mean they have to put on front, pretend that business is booming, that they are amazing and can do anything for anybody.

    Mostly its pretence and that’s why we don’t believe in them.