EVENT – Old Fashioned Customer Service And Engagement In A Very Modern World

Customer ServiceWhether you’re a business owner, middle management or a customer facing shop assistant; engaging with your prospects, customers or service users is absolutely vital and now is integral with providing the best customer service that you can.

This interactive talk, yes you will have to give some input too, should leave you pepped up to go and engage with your customers in a meaningful and effective way as well as seeking out new customers. Thus building your customer base and retaining it.

What’s Covered?:

  • ‘Good old fashioned’ customer service and how times have changed.
  • The importance of your brand and what people think about it.
  • How to deal with complaints (before they are complaints).
  • Turning a complaining customer into your best advocate.
  • How to get meaningful feedback from customers.
  • What is engagement and how do I do it?
  • Examples of outstandingly good and bad engagement and service.
  • How to pull customers to you and keep them.
  • Why ignoring what you hate will be your downfall.
  • How to make & do amazing things that makes people share it with the world and do your marketing for you.
  • What is social media and how do I use it?
  • Hear from north Norfolk business owner, Sarah Pettegree of The Perfect Pie and how she’s using twitter to form a tribe of advocates for her products and how you could do the same.
  • A time for questions and answers and perhaps some brain storming of ideas.

Refreshments available throughout the evening.

Where & When?
Cromer Parish Church lounge, Cromer.
Tuesday 26th of April 7pm for 7:30pm start
Cost: FREE

Spaces are limited so please CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE IN ADVANCE »

Any queries then call me (Gary) on 01263 579422 or email gary@garydickenson.com


Work towards north Norfolk and its businesses offering the best customer service in the UK

Get booked in to see how we can.


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  1. Hi Gary, good blog will keep an eye out for your posts. Let me know if you do an event in the Norwich area.

    If you get a chance check these guys out good digital networking group in Norwich went for the first time in March and was impressed by the number and quality of the attendees.