Get passionate about people

People are what it’s all about. We talk to, email, tweet, interact on-line and of course meet face to face with people. We form relationships and interact with people every day. I love meeting people and listening to them getting to know their stories. Learning how I can help them and knowing when I can’t of course.

With the web 2.0 revolution I love the fact that people can connect and reconnect with each other across the web and whilst nothing beats face to face at least it’s a start in the right direction isn’t it.

Because I love it so much and know that people connecting with people has to be the right thing to do in order to generate better business I’m happy to share my knowledge with those around me.

Last night I spoke to some local people and businesses about this whole subject and it was great to see them take it on board and today start to implement it into what they do so more people are building relationships with those around them.

What are you doing to get passionate about the people that are around you? How are you connecting with your community? How are you passing on the knowledge?


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