Why am I chasing you?

Have you ever found yourself seemingly chasing someone or a firm in order for you to give them your business? I know I have.

On more than one occasion I’ve done research and contacted a company either by email or by phone and perhaps been promised a call back or received a email delivery notification and then I hear nothing. So I call again or write a reminder.

I’m a patient guy, a little nudge does no harm but really should I have to?

If the country is in an economic decline and I’m here wanting to buy a product or a service why should I have to pursue them to take my money?

Only recently we wanted to buy a service to answer phones. I contacted an existing provider of another service to ask if thy could offer this and the reply came back 3 days later! Needless to say they didn’t get it. As it happens I put a tweet out and I got a reply and a phone call within 2 hours.

There’s a number of reasons why this might be happening.

  • Bad communications.
  • Bad customer serviceĀ  / training.
  • Just simply too busy (lack of organsiation?)
  • They know me and think I’m too much hard work!? Me?

What are you experiences? When is reasonable to expect a reply? What systems do you have in place to make sure this doesn’t happen?

Please do leave a comment below.


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1 Comment

  1. Unfortunately in this case it seems because they were an existing supplier then perhaps complacency has played a part.

    We frequently get asked to tender for projects, most have a return date of perhaps 2 weeks in the future. A lot of people use those 2 weeks but I can’t see any excuse for this, but then I suppose if the tender was required earlier then the date would also be earlier.

    I think anymore than an hour to reply to a standard question (particularly one aimed at giving you more business) is unacceptable. Even a question which may take some research to answer should always be replied to initially letting the person know that it is in hand.