Is Twitter making the world smaller?

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I honestly believe Twitter is making the world a smaller place. I can’t figure out if I enjoy this fact or if I hate it, but either way it’s true and we all have to live with it. When it comes to Twitter, never underestimate that everybody knows everybody.

Never tweet what you might regret at a later date. You may think your customer, boss, work colleagues aren’t on Twitter but with public profiles the norm they will read it, or someone they know has seen it and told them about it!!

As a rule of thumb, no matter which account we are tweeting on (we ghost write for a number of companies), nothing negative ever comes out of our keyboard, we bite our tongue, put a positive spin on it and move on.

Let’s look at industry for a second; this may not be limited to working lives, when I say industry, this could even be a hobby or your favourite band. If you are an active participant in any sector or group online, chances are you see the same names and faces appearing over and over again. Some you will like, and let’s be honest, some you probably have no respect for what so ever.

I think it is nice to see the same people (especially those who’s opinion you value), but equally it can give you a somewhat closed view of the world. You end up reading the same people on the same blogs, listening to the same speakers at the same events and so forth. In a way it becomes a closed ‘yahoo group’ of old.

Another downside to this, if you are new to the arena how do you get ‘invited to the inner circle’? It becomes somewhat of a school playground, where unless you know someone on the inside you’re not coming in. And lets be honest, in the most part, if you are not in that ‘inner circle’ there can be a certain amount of disrespect towards you, and some people won’t appreciate your views (no matter how viable) unless you make enough noise about them.

The flip side to industry is the ‘village community’. You could argue my current place of residence is unique (it is Norfolk after all), however I am sure they’re similar counties, states, whatever around the world with the same ‘community spirit’.

I have a twitter list set-up for people who live in Norfolk, it tracks 369 people and I would imagine over 50% of those are active on a day to day basis. It is one of my most viewed lists as I want to know what is going on in the local area and what people are upto. After all it’s the reason most of us are on twitter right? To spy on people, to promote ourselves to others? After all, Twitter is for people who like talking, even when they are on their own.

The fact that I ‘feel’ I know so many of these users (as opposed to really knowing them) makes it a very dangerous place. What I say to who, what thoughts I might put out there are there for good. Don’t forget; no matter how close you are to a fellow tweeter, there will always be someone who is a litter close to them.

I can think of a few stories of fake accounts set up to ‘trap’ other users and log what they say. Be careful who you talk to, after all is Twitter is for people who like talking, even when they are on their own…

I am not trying to remove all the fun out of twitter, I am as controversial as anyone, but my closing comment is think before you tweet. You may not feel it is important now, but trust me, when you lose a client or a friend over it you will soon realise how important it is.

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  1. I love the fact that the world is getting smaller. I love meeting new people from around the globe and no better way then through the magic of social media avenues. Where there is good, they is someone wanting to take advantage. I try not to dwell or i’ll end up crying… :) ~ So much good happens, the bad…just block it out. I love my new global friends!

    • Hi Tommy,

      I completely agree, although we still have to be careful what we say at times, networks like Twitter open up a whole new world of opportunities.


  2. It shocks me how open people are on facebook and twitter. This seems to be acceptable with the younger generation but in a professional environment such as a business conference you wouldn’t dream of it.

    Your clients, colleagues and contemporaries are all present on twitter just as they are at that conference.

    The internet can provide a certain amount of anonymity which is where i feel some get confused but Twitter has your name, face, company website etc on there. You’re not hiding behind an avatar and nickname anymore. They can see you!