Bad workmen blame their tools

A bad workman always blames his tools the saying goes, and I agree. By my own admission I’ve done it enough times myself.

Tools have changed
No longer are they just a hammer or a chisel that craft and create things from wood and metal. We live in a digital age and so we have computers and keyboards and mice, they are the tools for many of us.

However, beyond these tools we have a newer set of tools. Well maybe ‘newer’ isn’t the right word, ‘different’ or ‘accompanying’ are maybe better words. The tools have lay dormant for many folk, for others such as myself they’ve been used for as long as I’ve used a keyboard.

These are tools you don’t touch but you do use them. These tools have the umbrella term ‘Social Media’, a term I may add that I’ve become increasingly less comfortable with of late (but that’s a discussion for another day). These tools are websites, blogs and apps.These tools connect us and they empower us more than ever before.

You see when you think of this thing called social media in terms of ‘tools’ it’s easier to frame in a way that more people can understand. Tools are available to everyone but only those who are willing to put time in and perceiver, slowly improving get to be craftsmen.

Real tools like a stonemasons mallet can be used to craft the most delicate and meaningful wording on a gravestone and yet in the wrong hands the same tool can smash stone. It’s no different with the new tools, they can be used in both ways.

Who are the bad workmen?
Well that is easy, they are the people blaming the tools! These are the people not planning, thinking and carefully crafting etc but instead running in, thoughtless and broadcasting.

You must know some craftsmen and I’m sure you know some bad workmen, how are you with the tools?

It’s great to read your comments, please do leave them below.


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  1. Yeay! I like this analogy Gary. Its like the “how do you spare the time to use SM?” questions. I don’t ‘spare’ the time. I invest it. I know how much my time is worth and I know the results I get and if its not a good investment it’ll get replaced with something that is. Its easy to spot the people who aren’t using the tools well. The reason that there are so many free guides out there is that there are lots of use who’d like to see more craftsmen.