The short version:

Living in Norfolk, running own business for 8 years, responsible for 4 brands, moderate nature nut, outspoken on many things, love people and social sciences, bit of a muso, love a good chin wag over a coffee or beer – you up for that?

The slightly longer version:

Jacked in corporate life back in ’03 after working in various roles in the insurance industry but eventually working for an international loss adjusting company as a national IT training manager. Moved to Norfolk back then where I still reside today.

When I left I started as a freelance web designer and slowly built up a nice business by engaging with people to build relationships, gain new business and get people talking about their business problems and then offering friendly informative advice and solutions. Years later we have 2 offices one here in Norfolk and one in Dundee Scotland. During that time I spent 3 years working in Latvia in the Baltic states which was great and the opportunity to work in a foreign culture is one I would recommend to anyone.

I’m also a marketing director for a company with my brother that¬† successfully designs and builds gas safety devices for the catering industry and labs including schools etc.

I’m happy giving presentations and talks in many areas including effective website design, online marketing, customer engagement, customer service, visitor behaviour, online community development, storytelling and other related topics including ones blogged about on here. My style is fun and engaging, informative and relaxed.

A bit about my personal life

I’m married to Gita who is a very gifted creative type and artist and her work can be found on her website Norfolk Artist. I’m a keen cook, bit of a nature nut, I have a fascination with many things but I love to grow anything you can eat. I’m a keen and experienced musician who plays the guitar, bass, mouthorgan and a bit of mandolin. In fact I can play most things by ear I just don’t read music!¬† Someday I want to write a book but not sure what about quite yet. I’m part of a church community in Cromer trying to follow a way of life over a system of belief.