Why you’re not a social media expert revisited

About 18 months ago I wrote my first post about the dark world of social media experts. It was very popular and seemed to strike a chord with many folk but time has flown since then and to be honest nothing much has changed.

However, I’ve been thinking once again about this subject and so I thought it a good time to revisit. In musical terms we always talk about the ‘difficult’ second album and in the movies sequels rarely do well but I hope this raises a smile or at least a nod of acknowledgement.

So, you’re now definitely an expert if:

  1. You keep telling everyone you are.
  2. You gave up the day job because you set up a facebook account for your neighbour.
  3. You’ve hooked up twitter, facebook and linked in to all say the same thing.
  4. You reply to tweets with “Yeah I said that in my power point presentation to the WI last week”.
  5. You ask for followers and fans and get others to ask for you, after all earning followers and fans due to your own engagement sucks doesn’t it?
  6. You use the #socialmedia hashtag in tweets
  7. You agree with whomever will seemingly earn you the most brownie points (and possibly then refer to point 4)
  8. You can tweet a link that leads to facebook that leads back to twitter. Or you can even tweet a link to facebook that links to itself, on facebook (aren’t you clever, I’ll give you that)
  9. You can get me 10,000 followers or fans or connections or whatever.
  10. You ReTweet a shed load of other people’s articles and drivel about social media. It’s ok, I get it, writing meaningful original content is hard work and who wants that?
  11. You’re starting to wonder where your next meal is coming from because lets face it nothing new has come along since Google+ and that’s going nowhere fast.

Well there we are 11 more way to tell if you’re a social media expert.

Maybe you have some more ways to tell, please do let me and others know by leaving a comment below.



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