Nurturing entrepreneurs

A couple of weeks back I had the privilege of  being a mentor on a schools enterprise day working with a bunch of year 9′s (that’s 13 yr olds ). The idea was to come up with a new smoothie flavour and market it including branding, packaging design and strategy including competitor research.

This is a complete day out for the youngsters from their regular lessons and for many of them they would of been challenged in ways  they may of never been challenged before which is great.

There were some amazing ideas and some individuals really shone, some were clearly creative, some good with figures, some great communicators & presenters and more interestingly to me some had clear entrepreneurial tendencies.

So I’m thinking where does the entrepreneurial spirit come from? Is it simply a case of some have got it and some haven’t like a gifting such as singing or drawing? Or is it nurture. Are these kids being brought up in a household of entrepreneurial parents or peers (pretty sure they don’t get it from their schooling)?

And then analysing the latter further maybe it’s simply the case that rather than kids being encouraged to be entrepreneurial they are simply not forced down a set career path and so maybe we all once had entrepreneurial yearnings but we lose them as we grow and get schooled much like as babies we lose early on certain abilities such as subtle facial differences recognition?

I can certainly relate to the latter. My parents although not entrepreneurial as such never forced me down any career path and I was quickly interested in business opportunities, if only selling my mum’s millionaires shortbread from my lunch-box in the playground!

What do you think? Where do you think the entrepreneurial spirit comes from? Perhaps you don’t think it’s a ‘spirit’ as such ?



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