Falling from grace

Occasionally things go wrong in life. Occasionally we take our eyes off the prize, we lose our focus or we’re tempted by other things and as a result things simply go wrong.

As humans we’re quick to jump to conclusions, judge and jump on those who fall around us and more so when the individual has put themselves on a pedestal of good standing.

In business you are expected to hold a minimum level of integrity, ethical practice and generally run everything above boardĀ  but how tempting is it to overtly stand morally correct above the rest and shout about it to somehow stand out from the rest?

I think we all have our small falls and trips but we pick ourselves up and learn from them and carry on hopingĀ  that as few people as possible noticed. But is taking a moral high road simply walking a very high tightrope?

Should we not spend the time we use to pass our judgement on making sure we don’t fall ourselves (and I don’t mean avoiding detection) and also and possibly more importantly taking a reality check on how big that pedestal is we’re standing on right now?

Just a quick thought.


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