Preaching to the converted

In the world of Social Media why are so many so called experts marketing their expertise via the very channels that they claim they can teach you to master. Why are they preaching to the converted?

You really don’t have to go far on twitter or facebook or linked in to find someone advertising their expert services to you.

Now if the point of an expert is to pass their expertise to those that do not have it then surely you’d expect to see their adverts elsewhere?

So tell me; how many bill boards, tv commercials, magazine adverts, flyers have you seen with people advertising their social media teaching services?

I don’t know about you but if you you’re trying to reach an existing market that needs to know about a new way of reaching the market then traditional marketing is the right way to go surely?

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  1. Good point, can only think that the SM experts believe that by preaching to the converted, those ‘converted’ will do the work of spreading the word across their own networks in the hope it will find it’s way to someone who *does* need that help. To me it seems lazy, inefficient and surely doesn’t yield results.

    It’s a bit like the SEO experts that spam your web enquiry form offering their awesome services, then answer ‘Internet search’ to your form’s question question ‘How did you find out about us?’ It’s the ones that *don’t* show up in search that need your help, and as you point out, the best way to reach those folks is probably going to be offline…

  2. It’s funny to recall in 2009 the talk of “Social Media Experts” who knew all about using Facebook & Twitter to promote your business and make money. Then we realized social media wasn’t broadcasting to, but rather, engaging with your customers. Then came location technology – which Facebook as recently joined. Social Media isn’t a silver bullet for your business. it’s a tool. If your service/product is successful, it’s because of quality. SM allows you to (possibly) increase your level of customer service, but it’s almost like a complaints department. If you target getting the job right/providing good service upfront, SM becomes another platform for spending a lot of time creating PR for quite a slim listening (monitoring?) market.

    • It’s also funny to think that before that some of us talked to people and built relationships using forums for example and it didn’t have any special name we just … got on with it because it made sense. Thanks for your comment Darrin and stopping by, appreciated.

  3. I have to say, I disagree. Many clients and agencies who use traditional methods of advertising are still using social media for purposes other than advertising.

    For example, a client may not understand how to use social media to enhance their business, but they use it to follow celebrities or communicate with friends and families.

    I think the whole “sales pitch” behind social media is that its a great place to invest money in because that’s where the eyeballs are theses days… almost everyone is using social media, even if they haven’t yet wrapped their head around using it for marketing.

    So in that case, I don’t think TV or print is the way to market social media services, and I don’t think marketing yourself through social media is the same as preaching to the converted.

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