Passionate about working with great people

I know we can’t be great at everything but for the most effective results you need a combination of services to work together. I can’t have the brands I represent damaged by hiring bad people or recomending our clients take advice from other companies that wont deliver the same high standards that we do ourself.

I’m 110% confident I work with such people now but it’s not been easy finding those people. In fact it’s really easy to find people ,just any old people to do work. Take for example creospace (my web design company) I get emails every week and at least one phone call every month from outsourcing agencies off shore asking me to outsource work to them.

Now it would be easy to get jobs in and just send them off to India to make a quick buck. In fact their main selling point is profit. ‘But you will increase your profit margins’ they say. ‘Yes but it’s not all about profit I say’ and then there’s silence.

You see being passionate means putting the right things first it means being focused and to me at least it means that doing a quality job by delivering what the customer has ordered is absolutely paramount! Not having control over that job or putting profits first by using cheap, unskilled, unmanageable inept people & businesses will not deliver that quality job.

So whilst its every so easy to sub out and make a quick buck you’ll notice none of my blog posts are entitled ‘passionate about profit’ etc because my passion is working with great people, serial deliverers, businesses that care and take pride in their work.

I think also there’s an alarming increase in narcissism out there and people starting and running businesses with a narcissistic mentality. This I find not only scary but totally unacceptable. The type of people I like to work with, am passionate about working with are the type of people who run their business like my granddad ran his grocery store.

What type of people do you like to work with? How did your grandparents work with others, did they work in a shop even? Do leave a comment I’d love to hear from you.


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