Passionate about ridding a profession of bad workmanship

I know it’s an ideal but it drives me mad when I see bad design, shoddy code, terrible usability and ineffective & bad workmanship.

Every industry or profession has its cowboys. The building trade seems to take the most stick for it but there are plenty of cowboys in website design that’s for sure. It’s so easy to fool the uneducated and as the Internet for many remains a mystery it’s very easy for the folk to have the wool pulled over their eyes.

The trouble is it’s easy to buy software off the shelf and start building a web page and hey presto suddenly you’re a web designer! There are no real official regulating bodies for the web industry, there’s plenty who have tried but failed, most often simply being set up as a money making exercise.

In addition what hasn’t helped is how many services such as web design have sadly suffered from comoditisation. That’s to say that an important and skilled service has been put into a box and sold for a set fee i.e. £199 or less even. The buyer just wants one of those website ‘things’ and they’ll get the cheapest one possible to satisfy that requirement.

It is true that you get what you pay for however this isn’t the case when people are paying a lot and getting very little; and they don’t realise it. I’m tired of asking people how much they have spent on their website and sort of knowing the answer before their lips open.

It really annoys me that there are amateurs posing as professionals selling web design services right here in Norfolk and giving bad advice, miss selling potential customers and being misleading with their accomplishments. Posing as experts and yet they themselves are uneducated and not time served

Some in this profession are without doubt preying on the uneducated. In fact it has become their target market. Clearly the right thing to do is to educate the public in best practices and value for money. A passion to educate ultimately will do more good than trying to banish that that can not be banished easily I guess.

In closing I’m glad that I’ve surrounded myself with peers who are also passionate about the same subject and we have a healthy mutual respect for each other’s work and they share the same values as myself.

What are your thoughts and feelings about bad workmanship? How do you know what is right or wrong? Do you feel uneducated when hiring professionals for certain services, not just web design? What are your tactics for finding the right people for the job?

I look forward to reading your comments.


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  1. veronique mermaz

    Having been in the MKT / design industry for 25 years I can say firmly: design is a proper job, developing another. Digital work needs both (at least).

  2. Great post Gary. I’m not educated in your area of expertise but often come across clients who have been sold a pig in a poke and don’t realise how ineffectual their expensive website is until they start to talk to other business owners about how why it isn’t doing what they expect.
    The conundrum is, how does a regular punter tell the difference between legitimate and ethical designers like you and the con-artists (especially when the con-artists are ignorant rather than dishonest)?
    Is there a handy guide to commissioning a web site design? If not, maybe that could be your next project!

  3. I find the problem is with education of clients. They just don’t have any reason to care that my code is better than some other developer.

    • But if they were educated to be discerning about such things then they would seek them.

      Creospace is fortunate that on the whole we’ve moved on past the window of prospects that seek cheap & cheerful and do actually seek quality and explaining that you care enough to deliver that quality means something to them but for many freelancers and agencies they are still marketing for price sensitive work.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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