Passion about a brand and all it stands for

I’m personally responsible for 2 brands and partly responsible for a third. Of course to a degree it doesn’t matter how many brands you’re responsible for the same rules apply more or less.  Building that brand takes time, hard work, commitment, dedication & of course last but by no means least, passion.

These brands are built on individual  passions I have for service, quality and people (as mentioned in other blogs). Passion is the glue that binds these things together it is the non tangible asset that drives you forward past the barriers that stand in your way. If you have clearly defined goals (and you should have) then you should be passionate about reaching them.

Brand passion shared is brand passion doubled?

The great thing about passion for a brand is that it can be shared with your customer base. If you allow them to then your customers can be equally passionate about your brand.  Of course when I say ‘equally’ I’d probably say that this passion for your brand compared to your own is maybe a little superficial.

For instance I’ve seen people raving about a train service so much so they should be on commission selling it and then on the return journey the train was 5 minutes late and the train service got a right slagging off. The earlier positive passion was short lived.

It’s arguable that the passion was still there but if you’re passionate about something don’t you think you should stick by it? A brand may have its highs and lows but sticking through thick and thin shows real passion.

Benefits of brand passion

I don’t know about you but every energetic salespeople come across as fake and really annoy me and I’d go so far to say that passion is what’s missing.  However, there’s nothing worse than a salesperson that lacks lustre, is not excited about what they are selling. They lack passion for the product and ultimately for the brand they are representing.

Passion mixed with a hint of excitement catches. It’s transmittable to your prospects. It can make the difference between making or breaking that deal.

What do you think? Are you passionate about your brand and why? Please leave a comment and join in the conversation.


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